Here is How Much Profit BBNaija Made From the Shine Ya Eyes Edition 2021


Alot of questions from fans, schoolar and those who are into business often ask and need answers to are “How much profit does BIg brother naija (Bbnaija) make from this show 2021.

So guys basically Bbnaija is actually a profit making organization and we all expect them to publish there financial statement yearly to the public and government for easily accessment and uses for study or shares purchase.

But it seems it kind of different but anyhow we have come out with some estimates of how much profit Bbnaija make from there show.

The profits often change every year because it has difference turn out of fans to participate in every year, according to the CEO multichoice Mr ugbe they had 1 billion vote all over, this simply means that the profit made this edition will be different unlike last year where they had only 170 million votes.

The management also revealed that the spent over 4.5billion naira on the Making the show a success, this actually mean the make more than this.

From our own point of view and estimate we may be leave to conclude that big brother naija made a profit of over 10 billion Naira including expenses.

The show had alot of sponsors and this sponsors put in alot of funds into the show considering the impact it will have on there various business and returns.

So in conclusion Bbnaija estimated profit is ranging from 10 billion Naira upward and even more according to sponsors and vote counting.

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